DOFUS Touch: How To Build An Agility Rogue

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jan/27/17 16:20:21 Views: 2623

We have told some tips on how to build an Intelligence Rogue, today we will discuss another build of this excellent class. Agility build of Rogues is pure tactical build. 



 Better at dodgeroll

 your bomb removes mp

 you have 2 combat spells.



 Lesser damage inflicted in relation to intelligence build

 Your 2 combat spells are ranged but have an awkward combination of possible cells to cast it on.



(all of the supportive spells seen on the intelligence build can be leveled up even for this build)


 - Your bomb spell, can create a wall of mp extraction (if placed like so; x = bomb o = space) x o x o x (o's have been turned into spiral shaped mp extracting cloud).

 - Your first combat spell, inflicts moderate damage. And has an arc shaped area of effect. (meaning your area of effect is also boomerang shaped)

 - Your final combat spell. Diagonal shaped. Alot of complaints about it being diagonally cast but it is nor better nor worse than linear spells. 


Strategy tips

 Use your bomb as a shield/mp extractor while using ranged attacks on your enemy (osamodas tactics)

 Use your bomb as an mp extracting wall while ranging your enemies from behind it.


Would you like to try this type of build?