DOFUS Touch: How To Build A Strength Sacrier

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As the official explain, Sacriers are berserkers who get a boost in power each time they are attacked. As they have nothing to fear from cuts or blows, they haunt the front lines in battle, ready to draw first blood. Sacriers are the perfect allies for those long, relentless battles. This article is about how to build a strength Sacrier.


Since Sacriers rely on weapons and there are not many good weapons early on, this build is mostly going to be succesful from lvl 100 onwards. We suggest to change to a hybrid build after level 190 or so since most good weapons in that level range are multi elemetal and there are more sets available for such builds.





The first thing you will want to check out is the weapon. As a strength Sacrier your build is based around weapon spamming and therefore your weapon is your most important piece of equipment. See the weapon section below for tips on how to choose a weapon. The next thing you will want to check out is whether you will be using a full set or not. I suggest to check the dofus wiki set section out and see if there is any set that gives you the required ap,strength,life,agility and +damage. Most of the time a full set won't take all the equipment slots (a few rare cases are: the Terrdala set, the Bwork Chief Set, the Black and White Rat sets and the Moowolf set). In such cases you will want to choose the remaining custom pieces with the highest amount of desired stats possible. You should also be careful when choosing a set if the weapon has stat conditions. 

Be creative and don't necessarily go with the norms ! 


Advisable Sets


Bwork Chief Set - lvl 100 

White Rat Set - lvl 109 

Ancestral Set - lvl 114 

Moowolf Set - lvl 143 

Funguset - lvl 181 

Fuji Snowfoux Set - lvl 195 

Brouce Boulgoure Set - 198 




Look for the weapons with the highest amount of base damage per ap for your level and see if you can get them to 1/2 critical hits. You will find out that with different ap, the effectiveness of certain weapons change. For instance , with 9 ap, most 3 ap weapons are going to be more effective than either 4 or 5 ap weapons since you'll be able to hit 3 times. With 10 ap, most of the time you'll be dealing more damage with 5 ap weapons because they tend to deal more average damage with 2 hits than 3 ap weapons deal with 3. With 12 ap, 3 and 4 ap weapons tend to be the best since they can hit 4 or 3 times accordingly while 5 ap weapons can only hit 2. 


You can check my weapon tables topic here. It lists the average base damages of all weapons from lvl 100 onwards and helps you to compare which weapons deal the most damage in which situations. 




An Earth Bwak for the strength. 

A Pink Dragoone for the wisdom. 

And for the PvPers, a few Croums for the resistances. 


Note: every pet has a favorite area where it gains a boost to it's stats. 




The best type for Sacriers is the Emerald/Ginger since it gives 1 mp and 300 vitality which are both very vital to the Sacrier. 


PVP tips


For 1v1 PvP try to equip 1 handed weapons so you can use shields. Focus on life, ap, resistances (especially resistances!), +damages and critical hits for your sets. 

Spam summons and use them in combination with transposition and attraction to get close to your target. Use fury when not in range and try to use Punishment if possible. Get resistances pets and change them depending on the enemy. 


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