DOFUS Touch Guides Of Earning Kamas

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We all know that there is no quick and easy way to earn kamas. DOFUS Touch players have been asking for how to make kamas as soon as possible in DOFUS Touch forum.



1. Doing Quests In Incarnam


Assuming that you start off by exploring Incarnam, you should be fully familiar with characters with an exclamation mark over their head, that these quest givers are your initial source of kamas. There are many quests available and some of them have level restrictions so do check in periodically with the various NPCs. A good quest list is available from the DOFUS Touch Wiki(


2. Getting Valuable Resources


The horns, the legs, the feathers are all extremely valuable. Creature drops are used in various crafts as well as used in exchanges for scrolls. The market prices for resources can be very variable and highly influenced by bots. If you find that your inventory space diminishing rapidly, it only means you are hoarding up 'junk', and by 'junk' I refer to resources that drop whenever you vanquish a creature, the very resources that's supposed to make you rich when you sell them. 


The problem though, is a lot of people are trying to make a quick buck by pricing some of these resources a bit too high, especially if they are selling just one or two. If you can drop it easily, others could easily drop it too and just because you were training on the mobs and conveniently getting these drops doesn’t really make it right that you should try to squeeze every possible drop of profit. It will maybe earn you a tiny pile from time to time but I guarantee it wouldn’t be consistent unless you are actively hunting these specific resources and constantly churning out batches upon batches of.


3. Hunting Mobs


For some reason, killing mobs earn you kamas. In any case, kamas-making from mobs hunting is a by-process while levelling your character and doesn't really require any additional effort, nor does it really make you rich. However, for beginners who wants to make a quick buck, note that certain creatures gives more kamas while some others are apparently less generous.


4. Gathered Materials


Taking up one of the gathering professions, the primary materials gathered can be sold to crafters. Crafters consume these materials at incredible rates and it wouldn’t be a surprise if a shortage of supply occurs. As to what price you want to sell your gathered materials at, it’s totally up to different individuals but try to remember that the lengthy time you take to cut 1 tree is due to your inexperience (as a low-level gatherer) and so do not expect booming returns simply by cutting a few trees or gathering a few flowers.


5. Crafting Professions


Crafting professions are very good sources of kamas providing you have the initial kamas to put into them. The next step up would be to take up one (or more) of the many crafting profession and start making stuffs to sell. The hard fact of crafting is that not everything in your recipe list is sought after, especially if it’s possible to drop them from mobs with a low prospecting lock. In any case, it is possible to sell whatever you make because technically some class will find a use for the bonus, however small it is. There are certain professions that more or less guarantees a consistent in-flow of kamas if you are able to maintain a constant output of products to sell. I leave you to figure out what these professions are if you do not already know.


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6. Investing


Probably the most profitable but also the most difficult to master, requiring insight to values of things. The only rule to this route of kama-making is "Buy low, Sell high". With great variability of prices in effect, what one deems to be 'expensive' could be seen as 'cheap' by another, and vice versa. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a piece of equipment that you have no use for but also can’t sell it for a profit. The risk involved is no one knows for sure what is the price cap of any item is but it’s inevitable that prices keep going higher and higher because rare items are behaving just like antiques, with the value almost always increasing with the number of times it changes hand. All in all, investing only promises great returns to those who knows how to play the game right. Remember that an item is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.