DOFUS Touch Guide: Element Builds Of Xelors

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Xelors have the ability to command obedience from all time-related machines. He is the real timelords. Xelors can warp time to serve their own needs by slowing down their enemies or teleporting wherever they want.


They are experts at taking AP, and can stop enemies from attacking. As well as their AP taking abilities they can also boost their own, and their allies AP for a short time. Xelors can also strongly manipulate the battlefield with Rhol Bak and can teleport both short distances with Flight and long distances with Teleportation.



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Most Closely Associated Characteristics


Xelors can also deal good damage, they have at least one attack spell from each element which means that builds can vary a lot. There are two characteristics that most closely associated with this class: Intelligence, Agility, Strength and Chance.



One of the four main elements of a Xelor. By far the easiest build for a Xelor. Xelors have many Fire spells to use such as Hand, Xelor's Sandglass, and Temporal Dust. Many High Hammers boost Intelligence as well, meaning they have good close combat options.



One of the four main elements of a Xelor. A good option for Xelors with very high damage, This is an alternate build for Xelors who wish to use spells such as Frostbite, Shriveling, and Moon Hammer. However Xelors have low Agility soft caps, meaning they would need to be scrolled for full effectiveness.



One of the four main elements of a Xelor. Difficult build until level 90, when the Xelor's only Strength spell Xelor's Punch is obtained.



One of the four main elements of a Xelor. Not particularly recommended. Low soft caps on chance means you'd need to fully scroll for effectiveness. Although Clock does deal high damage.



Xelors are one of the few classes which can have an effective Wisdom build. Wisdom Xelors have increased chances to take AP, as well as leveling fast. All this means you can have a formidable character with a Wisdom Xelor, though they might not hit too high.



Not really recommended. Vitality can be easily gained with Equipment.


Element Builds Of Xelors


Single element builds can work well. Here're the useful builds of Xelors. The best Xelor is a AP steal Xelor. So your core focus is to steal AP and limit the functionality of the enemy.


Chance - More AP Steal Options

High amount of gaining Exp. Outstanding at AP removal, easy to gather the resources. Bad in PvM, average in 1v1 and bad in Range Fight.


Strength - Highest Damage

It is the damage build, can position enemies. More likely a tanker, high amount of gaining Exp, outstanding at AP removal.


Agility - Mobity and Good Damage

High Amount of gaining exp, good at locking and its also good at escaping, good at Range Fight and its also an hitter, outstanding at AP removal. Agi is a Soft / Low Cap.


Inteligence - AOE and Good Damage

It can Heal, not good at AP steal, good at damage as well. Exp acquired is not much high.


These are some basic knowledge of Masqueraiders, hope it can help our players choose the most suitable one for this class.