Dofus Touch 2017 Wishlist Features And Ideas

dofustouch-kamas Date: Dec/13/16 09:47:18 Views: 2250

Ultimately, I'd want to see Touch follow PC completely. I reeeally want the PC Sadida. But, failing that, these suggestions wouldn't be too shabby. X) Giving Lock and Critical to Strength and Chance are interesting, and certainly do make sense.

1) Adopt the profession overhaul as seen in the laptop/desktop version of Dofus. Whether or not you let players learn all professions on a single character, the recipe overhaul is obligatory. I understand that this might take some time to implement, but it's such an important and necessary change for Dofus Touch. I hope you'll bring it sooner than later.


2) Normalize soft-caps for all character classes the same as was done in the laptop/desktop version of Dofus. Seriously, this needed to be in place for Day 1 of Dofus Touch.


3) If you wanted to be really radical, you'd strip the prospection bonus from Chance and instead make it govern critical hits. Considering how heavily Dofus emphasizes combat behind almost every activity, this would not only encourage larger drop parties and cooperation among players to break prospection caps, but would also give players an incentive to stop creating alts solely for dropping loot (and not pentalize players who like "support" classes but struggle to play a useful role in combat.)


4) Seeing as Dofus Touch is "unchained" from the laptop/desktop version of Dofus, you have an opportunity to break new ground and do what they won't. Consider, for example, what many players have been suggesting for years: Agility should only govern DODGE, and Strength should govern LOCK. This would create a vastly more dynamic battle system and would eliminate the presently absurd advantage that agility-based fighters have in PvP with their ability to both lock and dodge. I'm not sure I'd call this mandatory, but it'd sure be exciting to see it happen (not to mention that it would make a lot of sense.)


5) Implement the dugeon team search system. This never really took off on the laptop/desktop version since the majority of players there are multi-boxing and use their own teams to run dungeons and gather loot, but since the majority of players on Touch are only playing one account at a time, this could be a very useful tool to get dungeon parties formed.


6) And this is kinda whacko, but what do you think? A team-search function according to area. So many people on Touch are only playing one account at a time, that it can be difficult to find people to play with in the same area. For example, perhaps somebody's trying to form an xp group in the Icefields, or maybe somebody wants to farm prespics in the Milicluster, but none of them have the recruiting channel turned on because it gets spammed by bots. So instead of having to put up with bots and hoping that somebody's reading these channels, they can just send an invitation to people who want to join a group in the same area. Could be awesome.


What do you think? Let's get some updates and hear some more about it.