Composing An Anthem For Incarnam In DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Mar/04/17 13:26:31 Views: 1685

New event comes to DOFUS Touch! Composing an anthem fit for Incarnam to relive your humble beginnings in Incarnam. The contest ends on the 17th of March 4:00 PM UTC.


Do you remember the first encounter with the city? You train with Joris and the Nhin family and challenge Snoowolf in his dungeon here. In this city, you learn to call new friends and make a pact in finding the legendary Dofus. It's time to compose an anthem dedicated to Incarnam.



Requirements for the anthem of Incarnam


  • • The anthem must be matching the theme “Incarnam”.

  • • Compose an original anthem that consists of two to four verses, with each verse consisting of four lines.

  • • Each participant must only submit one anthem by posting it in the comments section of this news.

  • • The anthem must adhere to the Forum Rules.


The event organizers will pick out three winners from those composers who join in the event. The three comosers will get loot that consists of Flute emote and 30 Day Bonus Pack.


So how to participate in this activity? Upload your anthem in Youtube after recording it. The share the URL with the official site. Once you win, Lonne's Set will be given to you as an additional prize.