Being Popular With New Mimisymbics In Your DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Apr/25/17 22:12:51 Views: 1901

Do you remember that we have mentioned a special item which will need Goultines in our weekly shop update article? Yes, it's the Mimisymbics. The new created item has been confirmed that it should change your life in DOFUS Touch.



Mimisymbics is a good-looking nature-forced set and with that you will never meet failure in a romantic quest. The new type of item allow you to add the appearance of one piece of equipment to the characteristics of another piece of equipment. The same meaning is you can wear the cute items purchased in the Shop without sacrificing their stats. You will be very lucky in love!



Surprisingly, Mimisymbics will be possible to use on all types of equipment along with pets and mounts. It works with boots, hats, capes, backpacks, weapons, shields, belts, amulets, and rings. But, remember do not mix item skins with different types of items.


Eager to get it? Luckily, Mimisymbics can be purchased with Goultines in the Shop this Thursday, April 27th and are permanently linked to the account. But you can only purchase it with Goultines at the price of 5,000 Goultines per piece and 15,000 Goultines for a pack of 4 pieces


Mimisymbics, like other items purchased with Goultines, are linked to an account after they are acquired. You can keep an item unlinked to your account by removing its Mimisymbic (destroying it in the process). Similarly, if you are using an item that automatically links to an account as a skin, its linked property will also be passed on to the final item.


Note: Alliance shield and Guild shields cannot be used with a Mimisymbic. Plus, in order to maintain consistency between the appearance of equipment and their difficulty in obtaining and equipping them, do not skin a lower-level item with a higher-level item.



Being popular with Mimisymbics you purchased from the Shop this week!